The DSC* Framework

Copyright (C) 2011 G. Fortino, F. Rango


We propose an application-level technique for agent-driven and system-driven capture of agent execution state. The proposed technique is based on the Distilled StateCharts Star (DSC*) formalism that provides an agent-oriented type of recursive hierarchical state machine through which the agent program and its execution state can be represented. According to the technique, a single-threaded agent program formalized as a main method and ancillary methods can be translated into a DSC* object, preserving the original agent program semantics. The technique is currently implemented in Java and integrated into the JADE framework. In particular, an agent program, which is formalized through a Java-based language, is converted into a JADE agent compliant to a newly defined JADE behaviour named DSCStarBehaviour. Conversion can be carried out by the DSC* TRANSLATOR in two modes:

The so obtained JADE behaviour not only has the same semantics as the original agent program but also incorporates its execution state at run-time.

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